Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away...

After I ate my breakfast I popped myself back into my crate.  Devin pleaded with me to come out. This is a running theme with us these days.  I didn't want to go out. Devin crawled inside my crate and lifted my head, slipping on my runaway collar then martingale.  I didn't want to budge.  Devin tried to encourage me, but I could really careless about going out.  Devin had to tug a bit to get me to come out of my crate. Eventually up I popped like a horse coming to its feet.

Once out of my crate Devin put on my rain coat.  I went for a quick pee and tried to pull my way back to the house.  Devin insisted we walked.  I put up a protest for a good block. 5 steps forward 10 steps back.
I tricked Devin a few times making believe that I was just sniffing out a spot. hehehe   Full force ahead! I'm pretty powerful when I want to be.

Eventually I did give up and let Devin lead.  We went and looped around the police station, then cut down Nana's street.  Meh*  I was protesting.

Luckily around noon Nana came for a visit. I went on a walk with her - at a more reasonable hour; and did what i failed to do this morning.

4am is just WAY too early to be going for walks. Especially when the wind is blowing and the rain is falling. Meh* YUCK!
I can't say that i care much for the sound of the rain hitting my snood. Devin folded back the snood a bit for me; that seemed to help a bit.

Tonight's evening walk with Devin and Nana wasn't too bad.  We walked the big loop and came home. We ran into a few people who cooed over me.  Hey, when you got it, you got it! :)

1 more day/pill of antibiotics to go!  weee weeee weeeeeeee!!!!
*insert video on how i'm feeling*

Devin gave me one of my pills this morning and later found it on the floor (i coughed). I've gotten to the point where I don't really want to open my mouth, and when I do I lay myself down on my side and EITHER try to hide between my crate and the couch or just flop down and make it hard for Devin to get the pill to the back of my mouth. 1 more to go...1 more to go.... Time for bed! PeAcE

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