Friday, September 30, 2011

Monsoon In The Sault

Sometimes I question Bill's sanity letting me to home with Devin...

Last night Devin brought me out for my bedtime pee. It was POURING. Some might even say raining cats and dogs!
The first time I went out in the evening the rain wasn't nearly as bad, Devin put on my raincoat.   When we got to the top of the stairs to go out for my bedtime pee it was coming down in buckets!  We didn't know this until we hit the top of the stairs.  Devin told me it would only be for a quick second.  I like a fool trusted Devin. We took 3 steps outside and were drenched. I thought to myself, forget this! I'm going in; and IN is where we went. *phewy*

Devin tried to dry me off.  I was just so wet.  We both climbed into bed.
It took awhile but I did eventually dry out.  Devin told that we wouldn't do that again!

I was tuckered out this morning but had Devin up like clock work to go out - I got used to Devin's day shift schedule. We went outside quickly then back in. I thought I'd be served up breakfast but Devin told me noway, that we were heading back to bed.   And that we did...
I like to cram myself up against those "bumper" pillows

Z Z z z

Can we get up and have breakfast now?

This evening Devin gave me a wonderful treat of 1/2cup kibble (reserved from my dinner), Yogurt and Banana. MmMm  It was yummy!

Chowing down

Nom Nom Nom

Nom Nom Nom




Brought my KONG back into my crate/nest

Giving Devin the Tail. Leave me alone!
Devin walked by a few times and gave me a quick scratch, and told me I was a good boy.  No growlies those times.  Several times later.... I decided to let a quiet little rumble out.. Devin told me that we DO NOT GROWL; and continued to touch me.  I let out another soft growl/purr.  I was told again that it wasn't acceptable. Third times a charm. Devin gave me another pat and told me i was a good boy (no growl just shot dirty looks). Devin left me alone for a bit.  I was revisited yet again while i was NOM NOM NOM in my crate. I gave a dirty look - but no growls.  My face can be expressive at times - It just doesn't look sad all the time.  :)

Okay that was pretty much my day.  Almost bedtime!


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