Sunday, September 4, 2011

Table Manners

Stormy morning here.  Devin and I braved the weather for a quick morning "out".  A few flashes of lightening and Devin decided it wasn't a great idea for us to be outside.  For the record I didn't mind the rumbling thunder.

Table Manners:
I helped myself to the remainder of Breakfast.  Watermelon and strawberries were left on the ottoman.
I walked over looked up at Devin and stole a piece of watermelon.  Devin quickly corrected me with "no" while holding my mouth.   If we are going to play the blame game here I'm going to point a paw at Papa George for giving me Cheese a few weeks back while i was over there visiting.
Devin said i'm ruined now. *le sigh*
We will work past this.

I also had another accident in the house a few days ago. Again i was at Nana's and polished off Rye-Lee's water.   I think Devin has finally learned from this NO MORE of RYE-LEE'S WATER!

Not much else to talk about.  We all had a lazy day today.  From the couch to bed.  It was a good day for napping *yawns* 

I guess that's it for now...

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