Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lazy Dayz

I had a rather low key weekend.  Lots of sleeping was done.

My face has officially gone back to normal. I'm not sure what bit me or what i got into.  I'm just glad the swelling is gone.
My leg is still slowly healing. The sore is definitely getting smaller.

Hmm what else is up with me....
My Snood Jackets should be in sometime this week *yay*!!!
I'll have to model them when they come in. My current jacket doesn't keep the rain off my head. 
I don't mind the rain at all, but Devin says the rain/water in my ears isn't good for me. *shrug*

Okay it's getting late. The storm is moving in.  Good crack of thunder just got my attention.

Gotta go!

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