Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Benadryl Walks and Adventures....

As usual I had Devin up between the hours of 2-5am.  I have taken to licking the night away; or should I say early morning away. Devin got up around 5am and felt me.  I stopped licking and crashed out after having my breakfast.  Devin woke me up after my breakfast snooze. I was less than motivated to get going.  I was a bit warm and at some point kicked my blanket off my bed.  I can be a bit of an octopus at times.  I learned that from Cousin Olivia. :)
Sleeping with my eyes open...

I'm not sure what Devin was thinking this morning. I'm sure my best interest was at heart.
Devin gave me a benadryl this morning in hopes it would help with my licking.  A little while after Devin thought it would be a good idea to get my morning walk in.  I was good for the first 20mins, there after I came down with a terrible case of the Yawnies.  Peeing upside the trees were quite the task as well. My balance wasn't bang on.
Devin cut our walk short; we walked through the field to get home.  Instead of walking directly home I decided I'd roam around some. 


Short cut through the field...


I love tall grass; Devin is quick to get me away from it.  Ticks smicks *hmpft*

On the scent....

Oh, soccer field!  Sometimes we come here to watch Auntie Melissa play soccer.

Oh I wish I could run free :(

Thinking about Bending It Like Beckham...

 We then went for a quick ride to the post office.  We could have walked there, but I do enjoy my car rides and Devin did promise me.  My coats aren't in yet :(

 Sad my coats aren't in :(

We later went over to Nana's place to pick up our laundry from the line. First order of business is the snack cupboard!

 Well is anyone going to get me a snack???

Helping myself.

I tried to pull out Rye-Lee's bag of cookies.  I thought I was being sneaky... busted!

Tuckered out from all the excitement at Nana's.

Keeping an eye on the laundry. Making sure it stays on its side.

Back to the post office. Hello??  Still no coats :(

Help the bed is swallowing me whole!
Z z  z Z  with smiley teeth

I smile in my sleep

Big Marshmallow bed  vs Tiny Bed. I'll take the big one!

Mr Burns - see below

Doing my best Mr Burns impression.


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