Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hangin' at Nana's

Devin and I went over to Nana's this morning to hang our laundry out on the line.
I did very well with Rye-Lee; well for the most part.    We had a little bit of an incident where Rye-Lee jumped down from the back of the couch (too quick of a movement), I spotted him and just as my mouth/nose made it to his back I had the "AH AH AH AH" said to me. I stopped what i was doing, and Rye-Lee jumped up on the back of the couch with a wet back.   No harm done...

Devin took me for my morning walk.  When we made it back to Nana's I was ready for a nap. I crashed on the patio for a bit.  When we went inside the house Devin put my plastic turnout muzzle on me. I can't say i was overly impressed with this.  It has been ages since i've had that on my face. I knocked it on the walls some, i tried to paw at it.   It broke Nana's heart to see it on my face, but Devin told Nana that it was in everyone's best interest.  This way I can roam freely (with supervision) and not feel tension when I go near Rye-Lee.  It's a happier more relax introduction for everyone.  I attempted to drink from Rye-Lee's water dish while i had my muzzle on.  His bowl is soooo tiny compared to mine, never mind trying to drink with that thing on my face.   We went home shortly after...

A few photos were taken of my morning visit at Nana's.  See below:

Nana Ignoring Rye-Lee. He doesn't like me being too close at times... (most of the time)

Hanging out/hiding behind Devin.  I do that sometimes...

Rye-Lee Ignoring me; maybe i'll go away??

Rye-Lee on his perch. Me laying on the rug; tired from all the house sniffing

Hiding behind Devin's chair...


Napping after my walk

Checkin' things out at Nana's.

The stare down....

Me and Rye-Lee watching Nana

I'm really enjoying my walks lately.  The weather has been much cooler than previous days.  I have a little bit of a pick up in my step. I kind of trot like a Pony for a few steps :)


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