Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's a Greyt Life....

Well what can I say about today.  Nana came by and i was sprawl out on Devin's bed. I rolled around there getting lovin' from Nana.  When Devin came home i did my usual "ohhhh strettccchhhh feels good" in the hallway.  For curiosity sake, Devin checked to see if my bed was warm - it was cold; then touched "the human bed". I don't know why, but there was a considerable amount of heat still on the messy blanket. *blink blink*  I got 3 nice long walks in today.  It's wonderful! I'm liking this "fall" weather.

Nana and I met up with JP and NAN this afternoon. JP suggested we try using polysporin on my hot spots.  Trial and error has shown that that was the only thing that worked for NAN.  *Paws crossed* we will give that a whirl.

Like Devin promised me yesterday, my ears were cleaned, and i was given a good brushing outside today.

I wasn't a HUGE fan of the ear cleaning.  Lately whenever it's time to do something I don't want to do this is where i try and hide:
My New ATTEMPTED Hiding spot - gotta work on this one

Lately after my supper I have taken to playing with my chicken.  It has really grown on me.  Devin needs to pick up another one. I managed to chew a few holes into it.  

Chicken Legs -YUM!

Napping With My Chicken -

ZzZ Z z zz - Chicken makes a nice pillow :)

Devin took this of me last night. Devin should have been sleeping.... I was!  

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