Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 41 (treatment) and Construction

My Day so far:

Got up
Had breakfast
Went back to bed
Got up
Went for a car ride over to Nana's

Inspecting Papa George's shed add-on.  Looks good to me!

Got me some pets from Papa George
Male bonding - watching Papa George work
Open buffet!  I didn't take any treats out of the jar though.  Rye-Lee came to see what I was up to
Wandering the backyard with Rye-Lee
Slurp! Found me some sprouts!!
Hard work grazin'. Decided to lay down for a rest
Watching Rye-Lee
Tiny Rye-lee
Doin' my own thing while Rye-Lee watches the other side of the house. he's so light you can hardly see him
Me and (tiny) Rye-Lee
Rye-Lee didn't make a peep at me today. We were outside together just doing our own thing ignoring each other.  I got a small case of the zoomies starting (rolled around on my back from side to side) when I popped up on my feet Rye-Lee went running. 

Back home from Nana's - treatment time for my feet.  Corn 2 is looking a little irritated from the treatment this morning.
Corn 1

Corn 2
 Not much else going on today.  Nana comes by tonight to hang out for a bit.   She finally got her power back on last night, but they are still without cable/internet/phone.  2.5 more sleeps til we head to the camp!!

It's a good day to just lay around -
No more photos please....


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