Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 22 (Treatment) Casting Call.... **Help needed**

There is a casting call for the PetValu calendar, the entries have to be submitted before July 31'st.
Grand Prize is:
photo on front cover feature in Pet Value's calendar, along with a shopping spree of 500$ !!!

Devin is going to submit one of the photos below.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Can we get some feed back on which photo we should submit??
 We are hoping to submit the photo before the weekend is out.

On to other news:
I was completely restless last night when I went to bed. I was kind of like the hands of the clock. With each minute that passed, I found myself in a different position.

*TICK* rolled over and slept for a bit with my face pushed into the closet door.

  I need a nap from my nap last night!

 On our  morning walk this morning we stopped and talked to a few people.  Everyone is always so curious to know stuff about me.  I was given lots of compliments and pats.  Any chance we get me plug GRACANDA.COM - Papa Bill's place :)
Oh I know what this means....
Best get comfy for the next 40mins
Corn 2
Corn 1
Corn 1

Corn 2
Corn 1
 Devin tried to "dig" around Corn 1 today. I pulled my foot back in a hurry.  Devin respected the fact that my toes were sensitive and didn't continue on.

It's night shift weekend.  That means Nana will be over later on tonight and throughout the weekend to hang out with me. *YAY*  snacks! *hehe*

Everyone have a greyt weekend!
Devin is going to try and get in my standard (2 treatments in a day) treatments this weekend.



  1. Photo 1! It has so much character. I especially love the one ear at half mast. The cutest!

    Though Photo 2 looks like a very stereotypical calendar photo picture.

  2. Thank you for your vote Lilyness :)

  3. I just realized that your vet is really close to where I live! I'm adopting in September and my adoption group wasn't able to recommend anyone since they're out in Hamilton, so I'm happy that there is a good grey-savvy vet nearby!

    1. Are you using GINA agency? Congrats on your soon to be adoption :)

      Im not sure of your location..but you can check out the ottawa chapter too. They may be able to recommend someone even closer to you. Janet is really good tho. Even when I wanted milos teeth cleaned she told me to wait several months... Def not the type to take you for your money and do needless things. :)


  4. Thank you. I'm super excited! I'm adopting through Needle-Nose (GINA says I'm too far from them...)

    I'm in Kingston, so Alexandria Vet Clinic is only 30 minutes away (if I'm driving slowly!) so I think it will work quite well. I've been told by coworkers to avoid a lot of the local vets since they like to overcharge and run unnecessary test and procedures.

    Give Milo a scritch for me!

  5. I'm happy to hear that Needle-Nose gave you the go ahead!

    It's so true too with the local vets and their pricing, it's a shame.

    I can't wait to see photos of your new addition :)