Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 28 (Treatment)

I was SLOW moving this morning.  Devin woke up to the sound of the alarm (tugboat and waves crashing); while I just laid there.  I think I freaked Devin out a little bit as I didn't budge when that alarm went off. Normally that's my signal that it's breakfast time!  I stayed put, didn't even pat an eyelash.  Devin dropped a hand on my chest to make sure I was breathing.    I thought I'd take it easy on Devin this morning.  I'll wake up bright and early tomorrow *hehe* (Devin is off for the weekend).

Nana came over to hang out (again).  Nana's pretty greyt like that!  She brought me outside.  I ran into Denis. He called me a "snot" as I tend to ignore him.  Today he tried to call me over 3 times. I heard him, I just didn't feel like it. :)   Denis is learning though not to push himself on me.  A few times Devin had to warn him as i flashed my pearly whites at him. 

cuddled up on my bed - Nana took this photo of me when she came in.  She's getting to be as bad as Devin with the flash photos!
Giving Nana the eyes.  *waiting for my KONG*
 This evening when Devin came home I was right at the door poking my head at the door as it opened. 
Devin fixed me up some supper. After I Nom nom nom'd that I went and laid outside my nest. I had a bit of a play moment with Devin.  It was short lived.
Using the chicken for a headrest
awkward <SMILE> - It took Devin several years to work on a smile. Devin calls this my Grade 1 awkward smile.
Apparently most humans have this smile in their early years at school.
I let supper digest then decided it was time for a walk.  We didn't go very far.  My feet were sore - Devin got talking to Denis outside (Denis is our landlord person), I stood around while they gabbed. 

When we came back in from our "out", Devin let me cool down for a bit before starting my foot treatment.
Z z z z z *foot treatment*
 My pad on my corn toe is flaking away. It's kinda strange, but common with this treatment solution.
Corn 2
Corn 2
Corn 1 with flaky pad
Corn 1 with flaky pad
More of Corn 1
Corn 1 
Last one of flaky corn 1
 The corn feels more elevated. Devin was able to get a nail around it without me flashing "big eyes, that's enough".   Shall see what next week brings. Maybe Devin can call Dr. Janet tomorrow to have her look at my foot.

I suspect it's going to be an early morning tomorrow - 2 days of getting up early, I'll likely take it upon myself to wake Devin up before the alarm goes off, Why? Because I can.  
I've taken on Devin's philosophy:  "I'm up, everyone else should be up".


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