Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 29 (Treatment) Hot* Hot* Hot* ~July 13, 2012~

Devin woke me up this morning.  I think maybe i'm going through my "teenage" years lately.  Ya know, where you just want to sleep in and not be bothered.  We got up at 0630hrs.  I was super excited when I heard the word "breakfast".  After I gobbled down my food i went back to bed.  An hour or so later Devin started to bug me to go outside.  I responded by "roaching". 
Z z z z
*blink* *blink*
 I did finally get up and got going.  We cut through the baseball diamond. I followed the fence line. Devin started to sing "walk the line" to me. Ya know, that Johnny Cash song?  I'll always be a Texan at heart.  Anyway, I started to pick up my pace and wagged my tail. :)

Walkin' the line....
Nana knows the way to my heart "Frozen Veggies"!!! :)
Can I have one, please?
Needed a little drink.  Stole Rye-Lee's water...*slurp slurp*

Decided to test out the beds....

Nana was in her closet looking for something, i went into stealth ninja mode and quietly went in beside her...
Found me a stuffie!
Nom nom
Wait, that's not a stuffie. It's a boot!
Nom Stuffie Nom Boot
Got me a pair of boots :)
Don't mind if I doooooooooo!  Thanks Nana!
Hung out on the bed with Rye-Lee
Rye-Lee looking a bit uncomfy/unsure
Rye-Lee relaxed
Started to get "pre zoomies" - made Rye-Lee uncomfy
Rye-Lee thinking about jumping down.  Me: what??? What did I do??
We went outside in the backyard together. Rye-Lee barked his head off at me and lunged towards me a few times in play. Nana got nervous, Devin said to let us work it out.  I ignored him... He went away and we did our own thing.

Boys doing their own thing
Then we walked home... Sprinted a few times in the field.  Devin' can't keep up!

And we're offffff
Ok, I'll slow down
Kidding! catch me if you can!!
Ok, no really, I'll slow down...
Back home - morning paw treatment

Hanging out the quilt Aunt Roberta made, comfy :)
Corn 2
Corn 1
Later in the evening Devin brought me out around 7ish or so.  It was too hot to even do my "out".  I laid down to take a breather (we didn't go very far)
Dear Lord it's hot. 
Someone send us some rain!!
We walked over to the baseball diamond (not far from where I was laying).  wandered the shaded area there for a bit, just too hot.

I was panting up a storm.  When Devin picked me up to walk me across the pavement to the front steps, i was hot hot hot!  Devin ran me a cool bath to try and cool me down.  I plopped myself right down in the water and stayed there for a minute or so.

My own personal "hot" tub (cool water)
After i was wiped down and cool, Devin did my evening paw treatments.
 Because I was just a good boy and stayed on the couch, I didn't have to get "the boots"
Chilli'n with my plastic wrap feet
E.T Phone Hooooommme (stretching my neck out)
Ello Devin!
Corn 1
Corn 2
Dealing with being touched.
I'm slowly accepting that it's okay that someone else can pet me when we are in our home....

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