Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 25 (Treatment) - I'm gonna be a star!

We just checked the Pet Valu site a few minutes ago.  I currently have 2,038 Paw-Tential votes!
Please keep those votes coming in!  I'd really like to give back and give thanks to Papa Bill for helping me and many others find our forever homes.

Pet Valu Castin Call Contest (click here to vote for ME!)

So in other news -   NANA and PAPA GEORGE TO THE RESCUE!

Last night our a/c was acting up, Devin turned it off just before leaving for work.  Nana and Papa George came by to check things out for us.  It turns out the filter was really plugged up (our bad).  All is running fine now, it's a bit like an icebox in here, but I won't complain, outside feels like Texas.  Someone pass me my cowboy hat!  Gotta keep me in the shade!

Devin is always curious to know how I'm doing while "work" is happening.  When Nana and Papa George came over last night I was found up on the big bed, roaching the evening away.   Papa George is still a little iffy with me, he was afraid i'd bite him or something (He's not too sure of big dogs).

Does this look like someone who is in "guard dog mode".
Checking out my form in the mirror *zz z  *
 Nana brought me out for a lil' bit. We ran into Sophie. She gave me lots of attention and lovin'.  I don't know what it is about black labs and greyhounds.... My ex girlfriend Lucy (you may remember her photo from when I first started blogging), she has a new/old boyfriend down home, he's a black lab too!

Whenever I leave the apartment, I look down the hall in the direction of Sophie's place. I used to do that when Lucy lived here. It took me quite a while to break that habit; i'd even run to her door and knock the door handle.  Darn door handles, they aren't meant for paws!

Anyway, when Nana and I were done socializing, we came back in.  I ran to my KONG towel right away.  Nana sat down, I got up and wandered into my nest...Apparently it wasn't KONG time just yet.
Uhm, Hello? Nana? Are you forgetting something? Maybe a KONG ??

When Devin came home this morning from work, I was up on the big bed again.  I was doing my  best curled up mantis impersonation.
Do I have to go out???
 Out we went, and in we came.  I thought I was getting away with missing a treatment this morning.  I was wrong.

 Morning treatment:
Corn 1
Corn 1
Corn 2

Devin and I went off to Pet Valu to pick up my OLD food.  Hopefully by going back to the ADULT from the SENIOR food will give me my thigh/bum hair back! 

As usual, I got lots of lovin' from the staff at Pet Valu. They always say that they can't get over how soft I am.

Well, that's it for now.


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