Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 18 (Treatment) Arts and Crafts

Can you believe I slept through the fire works last night?

Nothing can keep me up
z z z z
This morning Devin and I got up and went outside for our morning walk.  I didn't get a foot treatment before Devin went into work.  We are reserving double treatment days for days off, or by chance Devin can't sleep and is up at an ungodly hour. 

Once back in from our walk, it was breakfast time, soon followed by KONG TIME!  Off Devin went to work.
Morning KONG stash - See ya Devin!
When Nana came over to check on me today I was curled up deep on my bed.  Nana thought something terrible had happened to me.  Nope, I was just out like a light. 
Out cold
what Nana? I was sleeeeeping
 I worked on some arts and crafts while Devin was at work.  It wasn't my best work, but I gave it my best.
I managed to eat .5 of the 2 TP rolls that were left in the bathroom garbage; otherwise known as my arts and crafts bin.  Nana was nice and put the remaining TP rolls back in the basket for me. 
Arts and crafts
 When Devin came home I was curled up in the back of my nest napping with Sheepie. 
Sheepie naps
 In the 4 hours between Nana leaving and Devin coming home I decided to take on another arts and crafts project.
Arts and crafts
 We went on our evening stroll.  Devin tricked me, I was told "supper time" and as soon as i got out from my nest Devin pointed me in the direction of the door.   Foiled!!!   We went for a short walk, sans boots!
Devin and I are still compromising with boots wearing. If i don't limp, I don't have to wear them.  This evening i walked rather well without them.   On we went.
Look no boots!
 When we came home it was time for "actual" supper.  While I gobbled that up, Devin closed the door to my nest so I couldn't run in there after my meal.    treatment time!
Corn 1
corn 2
loving life.  haha
Post treatment Corn 1
Post treatment - Corn 2
 That's about all for me today....


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