Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 36 (Treatment) Getting Ready For Our Road Trip!

*curled up last night*
 Devin sat down the other day and wrote out our list of things we need to take with us to the camp this summer.

My list looks to be much longer than Devin's. We just might have to switch up duffel bags *hehe*

While I was getting my foot treatment this evening Devin started telling me about the new fence thingy that was picked up the other day.  This year I won't have to stay on my leash or in my crate on the deck.  Devin bought this octagon shaped fence for me to hang out in.  We can put it up on the deck, or out on the grass.  Depending where everyone is sitting, that's where i can be chillin' too!

I was told not to worry that my crate would be coming along too. *phew* 
Last year I had a bit of an episode when my "nest" was taken down too early.  You might recall Devin didn't want to wrestle with taking it down at 3am.  It was taken down and packed into the truck; and all I did was pace.   Devin clued in to what was was wrong with me, went out to the truck, put it back together. In I popped and life was greyt again!  :)

Hopefully Devin learned from last year and doesn't decide to pull this stunt with me again this year.  I do like my nest.

Soooo...This morning when Devin got up to take me out, I was more than content roaching on my bed.  Devin gave me a belly rub and told me it was time to get up. *yawn*  4am is such an odd hour to be getting up at (when you're not the one waking others up).
When Nana came by today to let me out I was curled up tight on my bed.  I have so many comfy places to lay. *happy sigh*
snug as a bug in a rug
 Nana and I went for a mini walk, and then came back home. 
Feeling a little awkward hereee.....
 When Devin came home, I came to the door to say hi.  As soon as Devin mentioned "outside" i ran off into my nest.  Devin picked called me to go outside. I was up and out of my nest like a dirty shirt.  Off we went.
We didn't go very far, it was kinda warm outside.  Well definitely warmer than what it was earlier this morning.  Devin and I could have used a sweater!

 When we got in from our walk, Devin crash boomed and banged around.  Out came a can of PUMPKIN!!! I haven't had that in ages!!    My tummy has been a little upset since yesterday. I kinda had a few too many cookies.  Devin added the pumpkin to my supper. I skillfully cleared the pumpkin and kibble out from my bowl.  I had a good drink of water, and went back to cleaning my bowl, making sure nothing was left behind.
 After supper I found myself up on Devin's bed.  I had such a full belly, I just needed somewhere quiet and comfy to lay down on.
Full belly naps are the greytest!
 Devin took this opportunity to snap a few photos of Corn 1 and Corn 2 (pre treatment)
Corn 1
Corn 2
 I did make my way out to the couch.  Devin was nice and left me alone for a little bit before going to work on my feet.
Yeah, I know what's coming....
 While my feet did their thing for phase 2 of my treatment tonight, Devin made up my KONGS for tomorrow.
I was looking all sad with my head resting on the arm of the couch looking at Devin.  Those greyt brown eyes of mine scored me the spoon and container used to mix my KONG's.  Yummy yogurt!!
Omg, so good!
going crazytown on the spoon
Oh my! I get the container too???

kinda got something on my nose *nom nom*
oops, a little over here...
oh some over there...
nom nom
almost going cross eyed trying to get to the bottom
All done??
*almost got it*  done!
Corn 1  - post evening treatment
Corn 2 - post evening treatment
 1 down then 2 more days to go, until Devin and I can hang out.  Maybe it will be cool enough for us to head to the park on one of our days off??


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