Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 38 (Treatment) Reprogamming and Happy Birthedays!

First things first...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my NANA and Great Auntie K.K.   :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day! xo

This morning when the alarm clock went off, I just laid there on my bed. I was completely un-phased by the sound of the tugboat and crashing waves.  I haven't jumped for that alarm clock in almost over a month.
One morning Devin forgot to turn off the alarm before we went to bed.  It was "our" day off and the alarm went off at 0400hrs. I jumped off my bed in anticipation for breakfast.  Devin told me it was too early and for me to go back to bed.  Not in a mean tone at all, just the usual even tone.  I wandered back to bed and haven't bolted for that alarm since.

Nana came over this afternoon to take me out before she went to work.  When she walked in she found me up on the big bed.
More than comfy on the big bed - Nana found me
Nana also found one of my arts and crafts on the floor outside the bedroom. I was just too tired to carry on with my creative thoughts.  Nana picked it up and put it back into my art supply bucket.
I call this - caterpillar emerging
We only walked out front. I decided it was just too darn hot for me to go any further.  I did what I had to do, and lead Nana back to the door.

My OCD kicked into high gear. I went from the kitchen to the hallway, and into my nest while I waited for Nana to do what she had to do before giving me my KONG!

Devin was late by 4 minutes in coming home.  I ran to the door to say hello.  Okay, so I'm going to be a bit honest here...

I'm happy to see Devin, but truth be told, I know it's supper time when Devin comes home.  I do a quick greet at the door, run off down the hall and do a once spin around.  Devin mentions supper, I'm off and glued to Devin's side until supper is poured into my dish. By the time Devin turns around I'm already waiting at my dish set waiting for dinner to be served up.  *burp*

My new thing to do after supper is to gobble down my food - that's not the new part. After supper I go off and lay in the big bed for a nap.

full belly
While having my post supper nap, I was ambushed and given an ear cleaning.  Devin was nice though and didn't put the cold stuff in my ears. A tissue was wet down, and in Devin went for the cleaning. *blah*

I was a good boy though and didn't make a peep.  I do have a tendency to be a tad dramatic when it comes to my ears being cleaned.   For being such a good boy, Devin gave me a small piece of dried liver. *Yum*

Devin worked on my feet tonight.  The timer wasn't set, so when I felt it was getting close to the end time on my sessions, I'd let out a big sigh.  Ya know, just reminding Devin that I was still around and wearing boots (indoors, hello??)

Le sigh
Can we get on with this?
Corn 1
Corn 2
 Devin checked all my pads (minus the corn 1 and corn 2) giving them a light squeeze.  *knock on wood* The rest of my pads are nice and soft. I didn't give any indication either that I was experiencing discomfort. 
Laying around can be exhausting
 It's nearly time for bed.  We are relaxing listening to some old classics - Cat Stevens.
It sure beats the CBC news radio that Devin leaves me with all day.  It's nice to listen to something light and airy.


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