Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 39 (Treatment) and Dr. Appointment

This is my 3rd attempt at making an entry for today.  We've had a few baggers roll through here this afternoon/evening.  The 2nd storm to roll through made our curtain rod fall to the ground. I stood up on the couch, looked at Devin; while trying to figure out what all that racket was about.  I slinked off into my nest to get away from the noise.   What a terrible way to be woken up from a nap. *hmpft*

On a positive note though, Devin told me that there will be nice sprouts out there for me tomorrow to snack on.  I can't wait!!

 Recap of our day:
Devin and I slept in until about 6am this morning.  I got up, had breakfast and went back to bed. 

It's a little embarrassing to mention this, but I've had crazy gas today.  This morning after breakfast when I went back to bed it started.  Devin let me go for a few "toots", then asked me if i needed to go outside.  I didn't budge.  A few minutes later I was told that we were going outside.  *hmpft*

We walked through the field around the church and back home.  It was pretty warm at that hour.  Darn humidity just won't go away.

Devin let me cool down before going to work on my feet.
Corn 2
Corn 1
 When my treatment was all done for the morning, I found myself a nice comfy white pillow to go lay up against.
mmmmmm pilloowssss
Sheepie had the right idea. I followed suit.

Devin went to town today to pick up a few things.  I hung out here at home in the a/c.
got me some new snacks - yam wrapped with duck.
Secret powers showing themselves again
laser eyes!
 This afternoon, it was just too hot for us to go outside.  I made myself comfy on "my" end of the couch.  Devin had to flip the cushion today; apparently with all my lounging, i've been making quite the imprint.
sharing the couch "a bit" with Devin
pillow hugs
more sharing
Devin was super nice and went to the LCBO today to pick up some vodka for me.  Karen at Camp Greyhound gave Devin a recipe (spray on) to repel the evil skeets/flea/ticks.  I'm camp ready now!!
Skeeter mix :)
I've been scratching up a storm lately.   Devin took the brush to me today and managed to brush off about 1 oz of fur.  I feel so naked now. *meeeep*  I do feel a bit better too.  I wasn't doing a good job at "brushing" myself. I've managed to make my neck bald in a small area and a few other places.
Hangin' out beside the fur pile
Feelin' all sexy after my brushin'
I'm ready for my photo shoot!
Evening treatment time:
hanging out with my friends while it storms.  The curtain fell down with one of the rumbles.
Done for another night
Corn 1
Corn 2
 I almost forgot.  Devin made a call to Dr. Janet.  I have an appointment tomorrow at 1630hrs.  Nana is going to come with us.   Devin wants to show Dr. J my foot to see if my corn may be ready to come out.  Devin told me under no circumstance is my paw going to be cut or anything like that.  If it takes more treatment time for the corn to show itself, then that is what's going to happen.  All of this has been a test of patience.

Let you all know how it goes tomorrow.  *paws crossed*


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