Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 26 (treatment) n' Stuff

Yesterday Devin went for a walk without me.  Instead of hanging out with Nana, I hung out at home with my KONGS!
While Devin was out I tried my paws at another round of arts and crafts. I keep pulling out the same TP roll though.

Arts n' Crafts
When Devin came home we went for a ride to see exactly how far Devin had walked.  I decided to try my paws at being a "dog". Popped my head out the window to take a look at the beach.  We haven't been to that particular beach since the snow melted away.
BBQ? *sniff sniff*
We went over to Nana's for a walk and for me to check out the sprouts around the garden.  Devin was sneaky and snapped a photo of my bald spot *how embarrassing*
Right side, circle bald spot. Back on my "non" senior food tomorrow. Shall see if that was the cause.
After my short walk I went inside for a snack.

Rye-Lee and Me having a snack
The we went over to the next door neighbors.  I laid on their grass beside the running water fountain. I had a few "almost" zoomie episodes.
Gearing up for a zoomie
Lovin' life
Night time treatment after my outing yesterday
More plastic feet
Hangin' with Devin on the couch
Corn 2
Corn 1
 After all that fresh air last night I curled up in my nest and crashed out hard.
z z z z z
 Because I was in bed so early and sleeping so soundly, this morning I had Devin up bright and early.  5am to be exact.  I was hungry.   Once I was fed I went back to bed for a bit, soon after I found myself going between the floor and my bed.  Devin mistook this for me wanting to go outside.  When Devin got up and asked me if i had to go out, I got up and went back to my bed.

Thinking about going out...but not really...
 Day 26 Treatment.  Have we really been doing this for 26 days????
As long as i stayed on the couch I was able to lay without having my boots on.  I did hop off the couch at one point when Devin left the room, those actions won me "boot time".
Rockin' the boots.  Where'd the pillow go??
I could really use a pillow here..Just sayin'
Corn 1
Corn 2
 We had a real lazy day today.  I enjoyed hanging out in my nest.

 Evening Corn Treatment Time:
Corn 2
Corn 1
 Nana came over after my treatment time.  She played on the floor with me, handing me my toys one by one. I was more than happy to accept them.
Nana telling me "gentle"

All played out.
See ya tomorrow Nana!


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