Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 16 (treatment)

My day was kind of off schedule today.  Devin did get up early and made my breakfast for me.  Then we went back to sleep until 9am!   It sure was warm outside on our walk this morning.

When we got back home I flopped down on my bed.  Devin took this opportunity to get to work on my feet.
Corn 1
Corn 2 - it's only my second application and the corn is already starting to show itself rather quickly.
Devin continues to dig around Corn 1 with success.   Corn 2 is very sensitive. At a light grazing I pull my foot away from Devin.

We went over to Melissa's place this afternoon.  The twins were all over me again, Angel gave me her undivided attention - so much that she got "the muzzle" put on until she left me alone.  

laying in my usual spot
Angel checking things out.
 We were at Melissa's long enough this evening for me to have a foot treatment AND for me to get my teef brushed.
Corn 1
Corn 2

 Devin picked up some bag balm to put on my feet.  While I laid on the futon i was given a nice foot rub with the balm.  When it's all said and done, i'm going to have the best feet in town!
Trying to catch a cool breeze.  It sure was hot there today.
Me and the twins
 I'm quite happy to be back home in the a/c.  We did go for a short walk. I was on protest while at Melissa's. Sometimes you just need some quiet time and alone time to get things done.

Well, that's it for me...


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