Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Day In Photo Review

Devin and I laid down after my morning foot treatment.  I've been a real octopus lately when it comes to sleeping on my bed.  I manage to get the blankets wrapped up and stuck on one of my back paws. 
using my back paw to pull the blankets on me
Great Uncle Jimmy was down for a visit.   Devin packed me up and off we went for a visit. 
Oh my, it's hot outside today!

I wandered off to the recovery bed for some quiet time.

 Devin brought up my blankets from the basement for me to lay on.
z z  z
I'm looking a little snarly here.  I wasn't snarly (here), just airing out my mouth

 Devin gave me a can of sardines with my supper tonight. YUM!

Evening Paw Treatment:
Day 6 in the bag!
Devin had some company over - I spent the time in my nest.
Hangin' out.
 Once it was just Devin and I, I slinked out from my nest and made my way to my bowl and stole out the remaining ice cubes that were placed in there earlier for me.  After munching those I found my spot on the couch and decided it was time for another rest.

Le Sigh

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