Monday, June 25, 2012

A Shopping We Did Go....

Devin and I were feeling kinda bored and thought we'd take to the open road.  
Loaded in, hittin' the road....

Our first stop was PetSmart.
When we walked by the automatic doors, they opened up and scared the bejesus outta me!

We continued onto a patch of grass, I sniffed out the area, did what i had to do then we went back towards the store. Again those darn things caught me off guard and made me jump. Honestly, can people not open doors on their own now??  Call  me old fashion....

Once inside we wandered the aisles a bit.  I checked out some of the goodies.  Nothing really caught my eye.  There was this one pig, but my interest in it was short lived.    Devin inquired about some educational kinda toys for me.  Something for me to use my mind.  They didn't carry any at that location.
wandering the aisles
checking out some more product
More toys?
We moved on to another story.  My favorite store, PetValue!! The people who work there always fuss over me. 
back in the truck - heading to PetValue

 One of the works there suggested instead of buying one of the "games" to just hide my stuffies around the house.  Remove my basket of toys that I have access to, and disperse them here and there, making a game out of finding things.    Devin took that advice and with the money saved from not purchasing the "games", we bought a bag of Pigs Ears and a box of Dehydrated Liver treats.  My stash was running low since Devin's been giving me them here and there while I have my treatment done.

 When we arrived back home Devin gave me a pigs ear.  Who said Greyhounds can't sit???
Gimme gimme gimee
How about now??
omg yes!
Enjoying my new treat on my snack towel.

All gone :(*

 It's almost supper time, which means it's also almost time for my foot treatment.

Update later~


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