Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 3 - Corn Treatment (morning)

Pretty fried last night after a day of hanging out with the twins...

slight ETS

We didn't go very far on our morning walk, cut through the baseball diamond, did what i had to do then turned around for home.  The sun was beating down pretty strong for 830am. 

MAYBE i'll think about using my pool today while we're at Melissa's. The BIG pool is much more fun though.  We'll see.

Right now i'm in my nest waiting out my morning corn treatment.  I laid on my opposite side today, I made Devin work for it today.  I did get a few snacks out of it for being such a good patient again.  Man, I have this human wrapped around my paw!

 phase two of morning treatment:
thank goodness this is almost over!

 and we're done for another morning!

Packing up and getting ready to head out for another play date!


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