Saturday, June 16, 2012

Play Date (and corn treatment #2 of Day 2)

We stopped by Nana's on our way over to Melissa's.   I tend to make myself at home while I'm at Nana's, after all, isn't that what Nana homes are about?

After having a few snacks and drinking all of Rye-Lee's water I went into the spare room and slept on the "recovery bed".  I was having a grand old time until Devin told me it was time to go, and put the boot back on my foot.

Happy at Nana's - boot free
Sad  at Nana's - With boot

 We made our way over to Melissa's....
Z z z z z - backseat sleeper
 I made myself comfy up on the futon at Melissa's...
relaxing on the futon
 Devin had me go outside and join the girls for a wander in the backyard.....
Bella checking me out, while Elly looks on.  Geesh girls!
I insist on laying in the hot sun....
guest appearance by Angel :)
still enjoying the sun
wandering around
Me, Stick, Elly
Elly Stick and Me (Bella in the background)
Enjoying nature
Dude, You okay?

Being vocal - one of the girls decided to walk over top me while stepping on me. 
everyone doing their own thing.
Elly is my bubby. She likes to hang out with me
Bella trying to get me to play (almost had me)
out cold again...

*listening and observing*
The twins insisting on playing beside me.  So young - being that i'm a young adult i TRY and put up with their silliness.

Once back home I made it inside my nest without stopping.  Last time i stopped when we got home Devin closed up my nest for almost an hour on me. *hmpft*

In I went, that didn't stop Devin and the plan to treat my foot.  I did lay there like a trooper while Devin treated my foot for me.  Phase one was met with NO resistance, as well as phase 2 of the treatment.
The plastic wrap didn't bother me at all tonight.  Maybe I was just tired from being around the twins, i dunno.
Phase 1 - I guess there's no point in fighting things.
Getting a hug/cuddle from Sheepie.  He's greyt at spooning  (my neck)
end of phase 2.  Day 2 complete!

Off to rest up.  Devin fixed the pool today at Melissa's *YAY*  I'll be able to go for a dip!
(i did make googly eyes at the pool today and was told "NO", I wandered off).

We're back there again tomorrow for a play date and pool cleaning.


 Today was the first day I played with another dog.  Normally my play consists of running and beating everyone in chasing after a ball toss.  Today i half engaged with Bella in an attempt to synchronize ground roll.  :)

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