Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 11 ( Morning Treatment) and Morning Adventures

I was up at 430 this morning stirring about. I laid down in the doorway staring out into the hall.  Devin told me that it was too early for breakfast and that I needed to go back to bed.  I laid there for a lil' bit then went back to my bed.

We got up around 6am and had breakfast. Devin did a sneak attack on me. After breakfast I went back to my bed, just as I was drifting off Devin crept out of the bedroom and came back with treatment stuff.

Snoozing prior to Devin's sneak attack
Corn Pre-treatment
I like to sleep with a full belly.
snoozin' while phase 1 of my treatment was underway
Post Phase 1
Relaxing while Phase 2 was happening
Doing my Elvis lip - lip was stuck on the pillow

Elvis lip quickly turning into "catching flies"
 z z z z z
Post phase 2 of treatment
I can't get enough of these pillows.
After my treatment Devin and I went on our morning walk. We almost made the big loop, but i decided to turn down the street that leads to Nana's house.  On our walk we met up with Henry.  He's getting better with me; more calm, but he still has lots of puppy in him.  A few times he barked up a storm at me. I just stood there staring, then looked away.  Devin told Henry that perhaps we could hang out in another year.  Henry's Daddy said, maybe next century .  hehe  Henry is fullll of energy.
Mornin' walk

I look a bit odd here
Sniffin' the field near the baseball diamond.  Or as Devin calls it, reading the morning news.
Oh, what's in there?
 We stopped at Nana's.  I went right for the treat closet.  The day I don't make a straight line for that closet is the day that ya'll should worry.
Can I get some help opening this?
What? I ear you... Listening to Papa George talk in the other room
Devin mentioned "home". Rye-Lee perked up. 
out front Nana's.  Modeling my Thera-Paw
Okay, enough with the photos
Can we get going?
The rain started to sprinkle down on us, Devin decided we should cut through the field - shortcut home.
I'm so fast sometimes the camera can't capture me.  Yup, that's my tongue hanging out.   Devin and I were running in the field together.  Let's go!
takin' a breather.  More for Devin's sake. I was ready to go!
Again!   Weeeeeeee
 While we ran through the field my back foot snagged my front, causing my Thera-Paw to come off.  Devin also lost a sandal. We were having a grand ole' time.  When it came time to walk near the gravel Devin put my boot back on.   This is what we saw.
Almost ready to remove???

 After all that walking and running, I went straight to my nest when we got home.  It was the first time all morning I was allowed to be in it.  Devin was sneaky first thing this morning and closed the door before starting the treatment.
Napping from my oh so busy morning. *resting my paw*


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