Thursday, June 7, 2012

With A Little Help From My Friend....

At a little after 3am this morning I let out a little whine. I guess it sounded like i was winding up for something as Devin told me quietly to shhh.

Devin got up a moment after telling me to shhh, thinking maybe I was alerting to the fact that the chicken in the crockpot was done cooking?  I didn't move and looked a bit awkward. My bum was pressed up against the bed, with my rear right foot jacket up on the side of the metal bed frame.  Devin asked me to "move", I tried but couldn't. I let out a yelp.  Devin quickly checked my foot to see if i was okay, no problems touching it. I kinda twisted it weird when I was trying to push away and get up.

Devin told me to wait a second while blankets were pushed aside to get a grip on my bed.   Devin dragged my bed away from the "big bed" with me on it.  I managed to get up and limped myself down the hall. I went right into my nest and didn't budge.

We all went back to sleep, I guess Devin thought it was odd that I hadn't come to do my "breakfast stare" by 7am.  Devin called out to me a few times and said one of my favorite words "breakfast time, Milo".
I didn't budge from my nest.  When Devin got up to check on me I perked up, but didn't make an attempt to get up.   Devin again said "breakfast time".  I slowly hobbled out from my nest and down the hall to follow Devin for the fill of my bowl. I limped my way back slowly to my eating area.  After I ate up my breakfast I went right back to my nest.  

Devin first thought it was a case of the "drama queens", but when I didn't come running for breakfast.... Ya know I'm actually hurting a little bit.
Not wanting to leave my nest -
I was resting, what do you want??
Closing my eyes. Maybe you'll go away
 I think it's going to be a  low key day here.


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