Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 15 (Evening Treatment) Play date

Evening update:

Devin found another corn on my opposite foot, same pad location.  Devin was poking around checking my pads making sure all was okay when it was discovered.  A little side pinch of the pad and I pulled my foot away.  Devin then noticed the "core" type thingy.   Here we go......
safety in numbers  - chillin' with chicken after my bath
Hard to see, but here's the corn on my left pad
We went over to hang out at Melissa's today.  The twins were ALL over me. Jumping in my face and hoping over one n' other trying to get to me.
break for it!
Darn, too slow!
almost broke from from them.
It was so hot outside today that i found myself over at the trench that the twins dug a few weeks back.  I laid up behind the "rose bush" that the twins also ate.

Once inside, Devin gave me a ice cubes to cool down with.  I made a bit of a mess on the futon.
Me and Elly - she's never too far away
Er, hi there
Can we go back home and sit in the a/c

tuckered out
heading to Nana's

Evening treatment - Devin started on my other foot tonight.  I was feeling really geeked out with my two plastic wrapped feet and then booted.
Old corn (from now on we'll call them Corn 1 and Corn 2)
Bringing sexy back  - plastic wrapped feet
and the "boots"
Post treatment (day 1 of Corn 2)
Post treatment day 15 of Corn 1
 That's it from today.  Sorry I lacked.... it's been a very tiring, yet active day.


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