Thursday, June 14, 2012

Greyt Morning At The Park

Every Greyt day starts with clean teef, fresh mouth and tongue!
brush the teef you wanna keep!
We went to the dog park this morning for a little game of toss.  I like to run after the ball, but these days i'm not so interested in bringing it back.

Jake and Keagan dropped by the park.  Jake is the BIG dog. He's part greyhound/lab mix.  He sure knows how to play them greyhound eyes!  I think it's something that is just born into us.

Jake, Me sniffling the rock and Keagan looking for the "snack lady".
Still sniffin' rocks
observing from a distance.  The others were with the "snack lady"
Snack lady!
hanging out with the gang
eatin' some sprouts
eating some more sprouts
and more sprouts! found me a good patch!

I know Devin sometimes things we go to the dog park so i can roam free and have an open buffet of sprouts.

Trying to take care of an itch. These long legs of mine don't always work how i want them to.
Big Jake!
Hanging out with the snack lady and Jake/Keagans Mommy. Getting some nice pats

 I had enough of the park and was ready to go down to the water for a dip.  The water was rather choppy today.  The waves bounced me around while I laid in the water trying to cool down.
Done with the water, let's go!
Posing - Thera-Paw
Yeah, you all wish you had a neat boot like this!
Tuckered out from the park.  I spent the better part of the day in my nest.
 Devin has had a few friends over the past 2 days. I've been kinda put off by all the chatter.  I do enjoy my quiet time. I don't roach when others are around.  I look down right misplaced when people come over.  I guess it's something I should get used to, eh?



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