Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 5 Corn Treatment

Devin and I laid down for a bit before work last night.

 It was time to get up and get ready for the evening.  Devin closed off my nest so i couldn't run into there.
slinked up onto the couch and laid on my "bad" side so Devin couldn't (but did) get to my paw for an evening treatment before work.
Waiting for the treatment to start.

I was my usual good self last night. I acted all wounded/defeated when Devin started the application.  I give the best sad eyes going!

Work time rolled around, Devin put down a few KONGS for me.

 When Nana came over last night she took me out. We met up with Sophie, she gave me kisses.  Her daddy said that I'm the only other dog she likes.  I feel pretty special!

This morning when Devin got in from work, i was laying on the big bed. I looked up when Devin said good morning, then crashed my head back down on the bed.  Devin got me dressed up to go outside.  It was raining, so on went the jacket. I didn't have the issue with that jacket, it's that darn Thera-paw.  I've mastered the art of hunching like a possum.
First I try and squeeze my head/body into the corner.
Then I lower my head between my front lets while my tail swoops between my rear legs.

Possum didn't work; on went the Thera-Paw and out the door we went.
Attempting possum
 Back home from our morning walk, breakfast was gobbled up then treatment was given.
phase 1 - waiting
Giving the sad eyes - waiting
Corn photo post 1st treatment today
Hanging out with the plastic wrap -2nd phase of morning treatment
And back on the boot goes.  Hanging out with Sheepie.
Devin was out in the living room, I decided to leave my bed and go sulk on the couch
Giving Devin the stink eye
Post morning treatment

Time for me to head back to bed.  :)


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