Friday, June 15, 2012

Having A Blah Day.... BUT - Corn Cream Arrived Today :) *Day 1*

I've reverted back to my wintertime habit -  Run away as soon as i see the "boot" come out.

I haven't been overly excited about going outside. My options are very limited with Devin.

It's boot time or no out time.   With Nana i have a bit of leeway; we don't go on long enough walks or on the cement.
I generally keep my "outs" with Nana to the front yard.

I walk with such ease when I have my Thera-Paw on, I understand it needs to be there, it doesn't take away from the fact
that I don't like it though.  I don't put up a fuss when Devin puts it on me.  I just stand there with my head almost to the ground and my
tail between my legs waiting for it to be over. 

This morning when Devin got me ready for our morning walk, i managed to slink away to my bed in the bedroom. I sat there on my bed
in silent protest.  I believe in peaceful protests.

nope, not going
I said, I'm not going
Feeling defeated - giving the look out the corner of my eye
but..I don't wanna go
If i close my eyes, will you leave me be?
 (last night) - Devin had a few friends over. I'm really not sure about sharing my space.  The while time the "extra" people were here I kept to my nest.  For the most part I stayed to the back of my nest.  I'm not used to all those voices and noise.  When it's just Devin and I, it's rather calm and quiet here.  

I like my Grampa De Gray's pillow

Finally roaching with my bunny
In A happy place

*Back to today*  June 15, 2012
Devin did manage to get me outside. As we concluded our walk we stopped in at the post office.  I had ANOTHER package waiting for me!
I love this mail stuff -  Until...

This evening Devin got me while I was on my bed in the bedroom.

Devin applied the Hyaluronic Acid Lotion to my foot. That was really not big deal, It was no big deal until Devin took out the
plastic wrap to put on my foot. I wanted NOTHING to do with that.  When it was first torn from the roll I gave Devin the "What the heck is that for??"

I resisted having it placed on my foot. I pulled away many times giving Devin a warning look.
Devin told me that this was the way it's going to be, we need to do these things to fix my foot. After saying that
Devin was VERY SNEAKY and slipped the plastic under my foot while I laid there, then worked it around my paw to somewhat
secure it in place.  Shortly thereafter the dreaded boot came out.  I didn't fuss much when that went on.  I just laid there
actually feeling and looking rather defeated.

Devin told me that in 20mins we could take off that silly boot and plastic wrap; only we have to apply the Corn and Callus Cream next.
That will stay on my foot for 20mins with yet another plastic wrap and boot.
We're supposed to do this 2 times a day.  *paws crossed* Let's hope it works fast!

Corn Photo
Corn Photo
Corn Photo
Gave in to the plastic wrap
posing with the product
It will all be over before I know it.....
I'm not enjoying this part of my retirement.
Can I have a snack for being so good?

So here I lay on the couch waiting for the first part of my treatment to be over...
waiting out phase 1 of treatment  *le sigh*
phase two treatment:   

Devin putting on part two of my treatment - rubbing cream into pad
I don't like plastic wrap!  makes me feel funny. I didn't protest as much this time, but I didn't enjoy it either!
 I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


 PS - Devin did the laundry today.  In the photos below I was waiting on Devin's return from the laundry room.  Hanging out on my bedding, waiting to be washed.

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