Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sir Limps A Lot

This morning Devin managed to get me to go for a mini walk. Once I got going my rear limp wasn't so obvious.  We made it over to Nana's. Dutchie was really good with me. She let me rest on her front lawn.

When it was time to get up and get going again, i had a good limp on.  I tell ya, if I didn't have bad luck i'd not have any luck.

When Devin and I went out for our evening stroll, I hardly had a limp on.  I did stop though a few times when we got close to crossing the road or over driveways.  My foot is killing me.  As soon as i get near the hard surface my tail starts to drop between my legs. *ugh* here we go again - is what i get thinking.
"Jeeves" has been really good to me and carrying me across the harder surfaces.  Thank you Devin!

Checking things out at Bob's - next door to Nana's
If we're going to be here for awhile i'm going to get comfy
narcoleptic - one minute up, the next out cold
Dutchie doing a sneak sniff
Dutchie: Hey man, you go okay
Milo:  Oh, hey there pretty lady
Checking things out
Dutchie in the flower bed

We cut through the baseball field to come home. After laying around on the ground napping for a bit I was a bit on the limpy side when I got up.

 Since the incident this morning I haven't laid on my bed in the bedroom.  I'm not sure what to think of it.
Some (ETS) escape tongue syndrome
resting my sore leg in the air

 Devin was nice and gave me back the bull pizzle from yesterday.  I was locked out of my "nest" again though.  When Devin handed it to me I drooled up a storm and kept walking to the door of my "nest". 
*Hint Hint* think you could open that back up for me ???

Shortly after giving me the pizzle Devin went and got my bed from the bedroom.  It's a lot softer than laying on the hard floor.   Devin took the pizzle away from me and laid the pillow down along with my "KONG towel".  I didn't even make an attempt to snap.  I'm really getting good at this "removal of high value items" thing.

I was allowed to chomp on it for a bit then Devin took it away from me.  It was getting too low, and lets me honest, I haven't had the best of luck lately.  Devin popped over the liver treat container and gave me a few pieces while removing the pizzle.  No issues, I was okay giving it up.  I didn't even go sniffing around to see where it went. Devin opened the "nest" door, but I choose to crashed out on the bed.

Pizzle goodness Nom nom nom nom
Devin's finger (again) and me - chomp chomp nom nom  HEAVEN
Oh yeah!
No more pizzle
might as well just nap...
hanging off my bed
getting very sleeeppppyyyyy
Did this thing shrink??

Devin brought me back outside around 2 or 3pm. I didn't want to climb the stairs, i hesitated.  With some encouragement I made it up the stairs, guarding my rear foot.  I went for a quick "out", then climbed back into my nest until supper time.
listening to my body- resting
 Suppertime came and went. For as fast as i gobbled up my food, i was quick in getting back into my nest.

Devin tried tricking me a few times with the "Let's go outside Milo" - open the door, pretend to leave routine.
3 rounds of that, i didn't budge from my nest.

Finally Devin grabbed my leash n' collar from the hallway. Did the "Let's go Milo" routine and out I came.

We met a really nice couple. I got me some scritches! :)
On our walk we met up with a dog (i can't remember her name), she normally drops on her back when she sees me.   Tonight she was in my face, licking the side of my face, ears and head bunting my chest. I just stood there, waited until she was done, and continued sniffing her face and sides.   It was a nice meeting, haven't seen her in a few weeks.

So here we are now.  Back home for the evening.  I'm back in my nest and Devin is puttering about.
Weekend of nights coming up. Nana will be here to hang out *yay*


PS - I realize I should have plugged this sooner... If anyone is in the area, drop in at GRA for their greyhound picnic on June 9, 2012.

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