Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 3 - foot treatment (evening) Play date

Resting up before the play date - Devin spying on me.  Creeeepy
Hanging out on the futon.  I feel like a teenager, while everyone else is out in the backyard, i prefer to sit in the house by myself and relax.
OMG - there's two of them!!
Bella: Come play Milo
Milo: nah, just gonna lay here
z z z z
*blink blink*
had too many sips of water *hiccup*
z z z z z
Devin thinks i resemble "Bernie" From the movie ~weekend at bernie's~

In the truck and ready to head home!

 meanwhile - back at home....

Devin's been running around the house getting things done. This can only mean one thing....
Night shift is coming up.
Is it time?  *le sigh*
Part 2: Evening Foot Treatment
 phase 1 - nearly complete
 Post Treatment:



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