Tuesday, June 12, 2012

~I Got Mail~ Thera-Paws arrived :)

I was tuckered out well into the evening last night.  That unexpected/unsupervised swim followed by a bath when I got home took a lot out of me.
twisty roach
Photo of my Teefie Sleeps for my Great Aunt K.K.
This morning I climbed right back into bed after breakfast. I know, how does that differ from any other morning?

z z z  z

Devin got me up and we went on a walk, cut through the baseball diamond. We did the half loop today and stopped off at Nana's along the way.  I needed to top up on some water and rest my foot a little.  Okay, it was really more about the snacks.  Nana has a greyt snack cupboard!

Whatcha getting Nana??
Freeze dried duck ( i think ) - I didn't stop long enough to chew or taste it.  Sometimes I'm too fast for the camera

After I topped up on water and snacks we cut back through the baseball field and worked our way home.
Devin walked me around and into the soccer field area so I wouldn't have to walk on the hard sidewalk at times.
Tra la la - Headin' home

Devin caught me as I was finishing up a yawn.  Psst, did you notice how clean my teef still are???
Tiny stress pant on the couch.  Devin was getting ready to head out of town for a few hours.
Stress pant turned into excited pant  - KONG TIME!
Before heading out of town, Devin checked with the post office to see if any of my recent purchases were in.

My Thera-Paws came in today!
I Got Mail!
Thera- Paws - THANK YOU to the people at GEM!
 Once home, Devin put my new gear on my feet. I stood there for a moment looking lame and awkward.
modeling my new purchase.  Thera-Paw.  I haven't quite figured out how to put my foot down when it on.
Ah, there we go.  Now we're in business!    How embarrassing.
Embarrassment aside, these things work! Clipping right along.  Lately Devin's been carrying me across this driveway. Today I worked my stuff!
Puddle splash in our parking lot.  Devin's been carrying me to the doorstep.  Not today!

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