Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 12 Morning Treatment

My usual routine this morning:
Up early for breakfast
Back to bed
Got up and laid in the doorway.
Got up, shook myself
Devin asked me if i wanted to go outside
I got all excited, full of tail wags and happiness
Devin got out of bed
I went back to bed
My secret eye powers were revealed here
I was excited about going outside, until i realized that would entail me having to get into that boot.  I quickly went back to my bed and laid down.  Devin got my leash and collars, put them on me, i still laid there.  Devin finally got me to "move move".  Once outside I was in my glory.  The rain we got yesterday brought the grass back to life; YUMMY sprouts everywhere!!!
nom nom nom
I ch ch ch chose you! *nom*
Today on our morning walk we did the COMPLETE big loops. We haven't done that in ages. Normally I cut down the road that leads me to Nana's house.  This morning Devin got me to cross the road and on we continued walking.    There were lots of voices over in the schoolyard today.  I stopped to take in the sounds a few times.

 Here we are at Day 12 with my Corn Treatment.  Devin was able to get around the corn and separate it some from the good part of my pad.  I didn't even give the wide eyed look, instead I just laid there with my eyes closed letting Devin do what Devin had to do.
morning look at my paw
I came home this morning to find my nest door closed.  In protest of my morning treatment I slinked beside my nest and laid there.  
Yeah, that didn't work.  Devin got me.
More secret power eyes
Devin managed to get me up on the couch for my treatment.
pre treatment
Post Phase 1 of treatment
Post Phase 2 treatment
Post Phase 2 treatment
Chillin'  -
Had a few snacks for being a good boy. Z z z z z

 Devin's  trying out a new photo editing program.  Here's the results

 That's it for now


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