Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 6 - Morning Corn Treatment: Fun and Games

Nana came by last night to check on me. I was starting to think she forgot about me, then My Nana showed up.  She told me she was out for dinner. I completely understood, I like to eat too!

I played hard to get with Nana. 

Curled up on Devin's bed, Nana caught me.
 She did the cranberry/liver treat trick.  I eventually gave in, and off we went.

 When Devin came home this morning I was found up on the big bed.  Devin ignored me for a moment, I did end up slinking my way out and ALMOST made it inside my crate; Devin cut me off at the pass.
Aw, here we go again.....
 Morning Treatment session:
My "Pogo" foot
The corn is coming along nicely. 
 Devin decided to make this morning fun for me.  After I was treated and all wrapped up we played the "give me 5" and some target training.   I'd like to mention that when Devin first sat down beside me i was told to "roll over", I did that without hesitation.  I laid myself down on my side, and Devin went to work on my foot.
patiently waiting
and more waiting...
 Phase 2 of morning treatment:
Owie corn....
I'd probably look a lot happier if Devin would knock it off with the flash photography.
Fun and Games - Devin decided it would be fun if we passed some time doing my "give me 5" trick.
I'm pretty good to do it on the first request, Devin threw me off my game by holding the piece of food in the same had while asking to shake paw.    I guess it's hard to juggle the camera at times.

Day 6 - Morning treatment completed:


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