Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I had a greyt day!

I was still on Devin's day shift schedule this morning. After two days of getting up early how was I supposed to know that it was a sleep in day??

I started to stir shortly after 3am.  Devin checked the time, and told me it wasn't time yet. I went back to bed.  I got up and stirred again a little after 4am. Devin gave me the same response.

I tried one last time at 530am.  Devin got up this time and fixed my breakfast for me.   After breakfast I went right back to bed. I slept until about 7am.

At around 7am I did something new.  I stood in the doorway to the bedroom and let out a short quiet little cry.  I was trying to tell Devin I had to go outside.    The last time I did this was when I was "pickled" by the DentaStix's.  Normally I just get up pant or pace to let Devin know I need to go out, Otherwise Devin is the one asking me to go outside.   Another growing moment :)

Last night:
Tuckered out from having my teeth brushed before bed.
Annnnd - out cold
This morning - *post "whine" to go outside*

I woke Devin up so I could munch on some yummy sprouts!
Back in bed after my walk this morning
The Look
I'm so tired - please go away so I can sleep
Sleep with one eye open
So sleepy
Drippy nose
drop - squinty eyed look
Teef :)
Some people find bugs when they lift rocks -   When Devin lifts a pillow, You find a Milo :D

 After my nap this morning Devin decided to give me a piece of the Bull Pizzle to munch on. It was my way of helping to promote good dental hygiene. My "nest" door was closed on me so I wouldn't run in there with the pizzle.  Should Devin need to remove it from me in a hurry, it was safer i be outside my nest. I'm still a little protective over "good" things when I get them.  Although, Devin did give it to me, let me chomp a few times then asked for it back, slowly removed it from my possession. I didn't make a peep. I the pizzle go without a fight or snarl.   *More Progress*   Devin tried this a few other times, but I kinda body blocked and went to get up to move to another area.  Devin apologized and said it was enough "training" today.

I nomnomnomonom on.

working on cleaning my teeth
 Then Devin showered... I went into the bedroom leaving the pizzle on the ground.  I knew what was coming next, "alone" time.  I moved from my bed to my nest.
whoa is me...
Are you really leaving?
 Devin stepped out to visit with a friend.  A few hours later Devin returned with Erin. I was packed up into the truck and off we went to the dog park. We were to meet Melissa and the Twins for a play date.

When we arrived there were a few other dogs. 
Orson - pug/poodle something
Chewblacka - black retriever (unknown) she was adopted too.

I ran around after the ball, sniffed and grazed.  The grass was a bit on the long side, I WAS IN SPROUT HEAVEN!
I won!   Running with a ball in my mouth - ladies trying to keep up
Me and Chewie sniffing the tree
take me out coach! I'm hot (getting ready to go to the beach for a dip)
Spring loaded!  *eye on the prize*
found a quiet cooler spot to lay
What's going on over there?  Too much energy needed to join in
Chewie and the twins running by
Me and Chewie watching the twins
Bella decided she'd lay down with me.  Normally it's Elly who does that.
stole a quick lick of water.  Let's go to the beach already!
Oh yeahhhhh

Devin's finger (corner) and Me in the water - stealing a drink
back in the truck - heading home
Tuckered out.  Home Sweet Home - in my nest.
My foot has been bothering me today. More so than usual :(  The running on the grass at times got to me. Towards the end I had enough and was ready to come home.

Nana's on her way over to hangout with me while Devin runs to town to pick a few things up.


 PS - what started out as "give me 5" has turned into a full out "shake paw" when I'm laying down. :)

So many firsts!   NEVER too old to learn something new!
Time, Patience and Love teaches all.


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