Saturday, June 2, 2012

Early Morning Park Run (yesterday)

Can I get a few more minutes??

Yesterday Devin and I went to the dog park. It was so early that the dew was still on the grass.
Devin tossed my football for me, I'd run after it. The dew had the grass so slippery that I a few times my rear legs went out from under me.  I shook it off and got back into the game.
Checkin' the morning news - who's been here?
pre -wipe out
distracted by the yummy sprouts!

Ok, I've had enough.. Let's go home.
 I went for a quick dip at the beach.  I didn't stay long, I had to share my beach with someone *hmpft*. Here I thought this was my own private soaking area.
In the truck, ready to head home!
Once home, I had the worlds most laziest day.  I lounged around for hours and hours. It was the best day ever!

This morning Devin had to put me in my rain gear. It looks like it's going to be raining for a few days. Phewy*
The Look

Once back home Devin gave me my first flea/tick drops. I felt like i had a river pouring down on me.  There sure is a lot of stuff in that one little container!

Back to the nest for some R n' R.


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