Thursday, May 31, 2012

Call Me Pogo - Most Excellent News EVER!

Where do I even start with the most wonderful news?  How about if i build up to it??

 I'll back it up to yesterday.  Devin and I went for an afternoon snooze before "work" took My Devin away from me.  I was sprawled out on my bed beside the big bed, with a blanket pulled between my front legs.
I had my nose pushed up against my leg and the blanket.  You can just imagine the sounds I was making.
I slept greyt, Devin on the other hand had to listen to my puffs.
Cuddled with one of my blankets

Work time came and it was time for Devin to leave.  I gave the "are you really leaving me look".  What if I just lay in the hallway and pout a little bit. Will you stay with me?
Why are you leaving me...

Devin, I'm talking to you.  Why are you leaving me?
Fine, don't answer me.  *pout*
Back to my bed to sulk a little bit - Pre-KONG sulk
This morning when Devin came home from work I was stretched out on the big bed. I wasn't moving for anything. I didn't even lift my head when Devin came into the room.  I gave a squinty eyed look as a form of "oh you're home, it's about time...You're 10 mins late ya know".
Ignoring Devin...  No mention of the "B" (breakfast) word. I'm not moving for anyone
Are all these morning photos necessary?
After my walk and breakfast I found myself up on the couch while Devin emailed back and forth with Karen from Camp Greyhound.
Really, what was life like before pillows??
Ignore the nose drop mark on the couch, I have a drippy nose at times, k??  :)
Karen suggested that Devin soak my foot for 5-10 mins. If I had a corn then the outer part of my pad would water log while the corn part would remain the same.

Devin had a medium zip lock baggy and filled it up with warmish water. I was laying on the big bed when Devin approached me with it.  Devin tried to put my foot inside the bag a few times, each time i pulled my foot out of the bag. On the last attempt at getting my foot submerged I yanked it out, gave a look and bolted off the bed. I was outta there!  I made a straight line for my nest and laid in there.

Devin had to bribe me out of my nest with dried liver treats.  THEN IT HAPPENED.   Sucker that I am...
Devin steered me towards the bathroom. Once I made it into the bathroom Devin gave me another piece of liver treat. I went at that like a shark!  Into the tub I walked myself.  I had to stand in there for a whole 10 mins.  Devin managed to keep me standing in there just over 5mins.
How am I going to get out of here????
I popped out of the tub and Devin steered me towards my bed in the bedroom.  Devin pawed at my foot to see what was going on.  The area around the lighter patch was definitely waterlogged in comparison to the lighter area. As the area dried the ...wait for it....wait for it.... CORN!!!!! appeared!!!!!

Now the last photo of my paw doesn't capture the corn in all its "beauty" but you can get an idea of what's going on.  
wet paw 1
wet paw 2
paw starting to dry some
Dry paw - flash takes away from the "corn".
 I want to thank Karen at Camp Greyhound for answering all of Devin's questions, offering advice and other alternatives and so on.   Thank you Karen!!!

 Devin contacted Dr. Janet's office and told them:
I haven't started Milo on the prednisone treatment. I know that Janet said that it wasn't a corn when she inspected his foot, but I didn't feel good about giving him the prednisone.
It was recommended to me that I try and soak Milo's foot in water and if the pad was waterlogged and the area in the center was not then it is a corn. I did that, and discovered that there is a round spot in the center of Milo's pad. Milo has a corn. 

The receptionist was more than ok with what Devin had to say. She went on to say that there is a dog that goes into the clinic with chronic corns.   Devin is thinking because the corn wasn't exposed (except for a tiny tiny dot) at the time of my pre X-ray visit and because I didn't respond to her pushing on my pad that it wasn't a corn.

I proved them all wrong!  *hehe*    Devin went on to tell the receptionist that we'd be proceeding with alternative treatments.   Devin is going to try and deal with my corn, if need be we will seek out help.

My foot soak kinda took a lot out of me. I hit my bed and roached!
Lately I've been in the business of tearing my bedding apart while getting comfy.  Darn blankets just don't stay in place!

R   r   r  ooacchinnggg

 We went over to Nana's for a little visit.  I nose dripped all over the day bed and floor *hehe*
 When it was time to go home I loaded myself up into the truck and had a narcoleptic moment and nearly fell asleep instantly.
Z z 
 Supper was served, I gobbled that up like it was going out of style then retreated to my nest.
Nap time with Sheepie
Love my Sheepie


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