Sunday, May 13, 2012

Did Someone Have An Accident In the House? Devin?

Where do I even start with how my day went today??

Devin arrived home from work, came to say hi to me. After taking one step inside the hallway, instantly assumed I had an accident in the house (haven't had an accident since I was sick last year), another step, then another... It was only after the 3rd step that it became apparent to Devin that either I had a VERY large bladder that emptied (even after Nana had been here for me earlier in the evening) OR something was definitely leaking.  Devin opened the door to the storage room, and there was about 2inches of water sitting on the floor and growing. The carpets were soaked, I came out from the bedroom and took a step on the carpet.  I thought Devin peed on the carpet or something, my feet just squished right down. I was absolutely disgusted and crept off to my "nest".  For the record, the water tank/heater blew sometime last night while Devin was at work. 
Lost amongst some of the items from the storage room.

What's going on??
The landlord came down to take care of the problem.  Devin was in and out of the apartment a lot, this really set me off. I cried up a storm and didn't want to be left alone, nor did I want to be left alone with the landlord.
Devin did put down a KONG with cranberries, but I managed to maneuver it to the point that I had them all gobbled up before Devin put one foot out the door.   My eyes were blood shot (i was stressed), and I was upset. Could this day get any worse for me, i wondered??

You see what was suppose to happen was:
Devin comes home
We go for a walk
We come home
I have breakfast
We go to bed.

It's all about patterns.  NONE of which happened for me today.

I did get a few extra snacks today to try and make up for the chaos that was tossed my way.
I know, some would call me dramatic or a Diva. I like to call myself sensitive to change :)

Anyway, Devin cracked open the chewnola's that Auntie Shelley/Mat/Parker sent up for me.
The chewy got to be about 3 inches short, Devin and Nana watched me like a hawk then decided before I choked on it, it would be in my best interest that it was taken away and disposed of. 

*cue jaws music*
Nana in the background, CHEWNOLA!!!! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM  
 I had cookie all over face, paws and up my legs.

Devin tried to tempt me with dried liver treats and used the Bull Wrinkle to poke it out of my mouth, at times, but wasn't fast enough to grab it up. Finally the Wrinkle was used to cover over top of it, when Devin went to take it away I did a nose strike with a growl towards Devin's hand, my head was already pressing towards my chewnola.... I was told "I don't think so!" It was removed without injury. I looked frantically for it, i knew it was just right there, how could it disappear so fast?? 
I'm slowly learning.  I must admit though, I don't get the whole, give and take thing.

Together we'll work on this one.
Giving dirty looks, where did my chewnola go??? I know someone took it. which one took it ???
 Devin cleaned my ears today - *random* I was good for my left ear, but when it came time for my right ear (Devin hurt me once before by accident), I've been super protective each time since when Devin goes to clean that right ear of mine; today was no different. I let out a little protest "yelp" but not really, and quickly turtled pulling my head into my chest, and covering both my ears with my paws all curled up.  NO ONE was getting in there. hahaha   Well, or so i thought.  Devin did get in there, but didn't put the drops in. Just on the tissue and cleaned about.   *le sigh*  I was completely disgusted after that experience, jumped off the couch and went to my nest. I proceeded to give dirty looks from a distance.
sticking out my tongue
giving Devin the silent treatment - ignoring you....

The above aside it was an okay day.  Devin has the A/C in now for us. *YAY*  It's suppose to be real hot this week; or so Devin mentioned to me.  I hate the heat.  BRING ON THE SNOW!!

After such a crazy unscheduled/unorganized day, it's time to hit the hay.


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