Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Experiences - Here Kitty Kitty Kitty....

*May 5, 2012*

Devin brought me upstairs to hand in our rent cheques, there sure a lot of stairs to go up!

"The Super" let his cat out into the hall to come see me; Devin had a firm grip to make sure we didn't owe anyone a new kitty cat.  The cat was very friendly with me, he tried rubbing his head up against my face as I smelled him.  I was a very good boy and made no attempt to harm.
Devin said perhaps we can have a play date with the kitty sometime.

All in all it's been a lounging kind of day here; drizzling rain and fog.  I've made myself back at home on the couch.  Devin gave me my antler to munch on and took it away from me too to make sure I was okay.
I didn't fuss at all with the give, take and giving of the antler.  I feel like the bean bag incident the other day was an isolated thing.  "finders keepers" -   err..apparently it doesn't work like that in our home.

Working on my Model Poses again

Hangin' out
Nom nom *antler*  Too much effort to lift my head off the pillow to chew
Nom..zzz nom..zzz
A little ETS (escape tongue sydrome) - I went on lots of walks yesterday *zzz*


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