Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Day In Recap - Photos

I had Devin up like clockwork this morning. My tummy was rumbling and I was ready for breakfast!  I gave Devin the old subtle hint of:
 ~i'll just get out of bed, lay in the hallway with my butt facing Devin...If that doesn't work I'll turn myself around and lay with my head on the ground just staring~

The above being said, once Devin got up to feed me I was more than happy to crawl back into my bed, curl up and go to sleep for a bit.   

I got up a little while after and went for my morning walk.  We stopped by Nana's on our way home.  My poor foot is bothering me so much, Thursday can't come soon enough!

Curled up - back in bed after breakfast
 We packed a bag and went for the day to Melissa's.  Devin and Melissa were going to open the pool today.  I went along for the ride and to hang out with the laaaadies.

hanging out in the kitchen
 Devin and Melissa left me to go pick up a pool for the twins, and a pool for me!
The happy shoppers - picking up the pools (Melissa and Devin)
Twins pool was already filled up, time for mine to be filled
 *** Devin did manage to get me to step into the pool; where my legs were rinsed down with cool water, I didn't care much for it. I'm more of an open water kinda guy***

meanwhile.....  It got too hot for me today, I had some quiet time inside the house while the others played outside.
Elley and Me inspecting the pools.
Uhm, I dunno about this... Where's my river? Where's my beach??
*sniffing* my nose touched the water, it scared me!  I jumped back.
Silly fool that I was today, i insisted on laying in the sun panting my full head off.  Devin had to "move move" me a few times to the shade.
Le sigh* Where'd the snow go??

"You see Elly, the meaning of life is........"
What, You don't want to know what the meaning of life is??
Oh bother....
1 ant....2 ant...3 ant.....  z z z z z
Everyone was chasing squirrels around the yard, I decided to just lay around and watch
Elly likes to hang out with me.
So, as i was saying before....
Yeah, lets just nap....
sleepy smiles - napping with my friend
My second "roach" at Melissa and Sherry's
toofy smiles for Great Aunt K.K.

After a long day away from home, we packed up the pool and hit the road.  Home Jeeves!

Watching the scenery

wha...what was that over there?


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