Monday, May 28, 2012

Adventures In Grass Cutting....

This morning I woke Devin up at 0606hrs.  I used my Jedi Mind tricks to send the "vibe" that I was up and ready for breakfast.  Silly Devin asked me what I wanted; I went down into a play stance bow and let out a soft woofffhoowlll.  Devin apparently thought this was entertaining and asked me again what I wanted.  I let out another wooofhooowwwll and up Devin got up.  wooofhooowlll = feeed meeee hummannn!


Breakfast was served, as per my usual, after gobbling it down I wandered back to bed with a full belly and nodded off for a couple of hours.  Devin heard me "toot" a few times and asked me if i had to go outside (I can't believe i'm telling the world this). I was just too tired and full, i needed more sleep. I ignored Devin and rolled on to my back. Z z z z z

Flipped over on my back - maybe if i ignore Devin we can go back to sleep for tad longer?
Talk to the feet

I finally got out of bed and we went for our morning stroll.  Devin and I cut through the baseball field to get to the other side of the village. Doing that was easier on my feet.  Devin dropped one of my poopie bags on the ground and it started to blow again.  Devin said, lets go get it Milo!   And off I bounced around the bag.  When we got to it, I lost interest.  It was only a bag.  Tricky Devin!

We continued on, I did what I had to do, and then we cut down Nana's street to say hi.  Nana was still sleeping so we continued on our way home.  We ran into Richard and Henry.  Henry is normally rather hyper (young black lab), but he was very gentle with me this morning. We sniffed each others noses.  Maybe Henry could tell I was older than him and wasn't into his roughhouse play....
Tra lallaa

ready ..set... GOOooo (Devin and I ran a little bit)  I gave Devin a head start here.
more * tra la la
slowing down - almost home

Devin did some laundry and brought it over to Nana's to put out on the line. I went along for chore.
Nana and Papa George put up a swing in the backyard. I was most interested with it.  I tried to get up on it myself but it moved. Devin and Nana held on to it so I could get up on it.   That thing was weird!!
Nana and I hanging out on the swing -

Hmm... still not sure about the moving part, but it's kinda comfy...
I had enough of the swing. back on my blankets

Devin had to run home to pick up the Ipod.  Nana and Papa George's grass needed a trim. 
Excuse me?? Are you leaving??  Without ME?????
You are coming back right???
 When Devin came back Nana watched me while the grass was going cut.  I was in the house for a bit with Nana.
First time I made myself comfy on Nana's couch.  Not sure how much Rye-Lee appreciated my new laying arrangements I made for myself.

 Nana  tried to to talk to my Auntie Shelley on the phone.  I was CRYING and HOWLING up a storm so much that Nana had to end the conversation.  I was completely inconsolable; I just wanted MY DEVIN back. 
Looking out into the backyard, watching MY DEVIN cut the lawn.
Feeling a bit spazzy - Papa George opened the front door so i could look out while Devin cut the front lawn

Nana brought me out back to watch Devin cut the lawn. I made myself comfy on my bed of blankets; when Devin would move out of my sight I would stand up and wait for the tractor to come back around again, I'd lay back down.  I did this too many times to count.

Finally Devin was done with the lawn and came to sit down beside me.  I could FINALLY rest

Listening to some music - Z z z z z
This is the life - Sun, Music, Naps.  All I need is surf!
resting with Devin's fuzzy jacket.  In an attempt to relax me - It worked

Working on heading home
Enjoying a light swing
I could get used to this...
Getting ready to head home
Back home - laying on Devin's shirt  :)  Happy place


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