Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Devin was a few minutes late in coming home this evening.  When the key went in and the door knob turned, I was right at the door with a pressed nose waiting to greet.  I was extremely excited to get my evening ritual underway.  Devin left me unleashed so I could zoom up the hall at my own speed.

 ~slow pokes move aside~

We went over to the soccer field to say hi to Melissa and Sherry R.  On my way there I had a mild case of the zoomies, I was acting like a sailboat in the water, tacking side to side.  Great Uncle Davey would be proud of my skills.   We hung out for a few minutes, then Devin asked if I wanted supper.  Really now, a year later and you need to ask me if I'm hungry??  I was quick to pick up pace and head towards home. UNTIL...

The whistle blew and that stopped me dead in my tracks, my ears were in a perfect triangle on top of my head. I was listening and watching. Devin got me to go, then the whistle sounded again -- same response. 
Track day memories coming back??

There was a person juggling a soccer ball on their feet, that caught my eye. I was far enough away from them, but I wanted in on the action. I instantly made a leap in the air; if i had to guess i cleared about 3ft before Devin was able to bring me back down and in.  I stood there watching for a few minutes, just as I was about to take flight again, Devin distracted me and off we went.

~PS the ladies at the soccer field dig me. i was getting all sorts of compliments on my "coat".  Devin told them "I grew it myself", meaning I did~
Oh that Devin is so smoooth. haha

Once inside the apartment building, Devin let me loose.  I went ZOOMIE CRAZY!
Up and down the hall several times, there was no stopping me.  Good thing no one stepped out from their apartment, they would have been mowed over in a flash.  Maybe Devin should have called me Sonic instead of Milo??

Where was I? Oh yes, the zoomies.  So i flew up and down the hall several times before Devin had a chance to make it down the hall once.  In the apartment we popped, I flew around there.


I'm so happy to be off that clomicalm.  My true self is really emerging.

All tuckered out from my zoomies
le sigh
we have a visitor for the night.... keeping an eye. 


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