Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chiropractor Appointment and Restored Privileges

Devin brought me to see Dr. Natalie Samson today for my Chiropractic appointment.

I was a good boy, she worked on my shoulder, neck and jaw. My right side is a bit of a mess.
Dr. Nat did a test on me, which i didn't care much for.  It resulted in a quick cry and snap around.  She was pinching between my pads to get a response, most dogs pull away at the discomfort. I was my stoic self and stood there until I couldn't take it anymore and lashed out a wee bit.  No one was hurt, just my feelings briefly.
We did a few other different tests. I'm happy to report that I have no neurological issues.

Dr. Nat suggested that I get in to see a massage therapist to help loosen things up before my next appointment (next Tuesday at 7pm). She suggested a lady named Sylvia.  Devin called and left a message.  Now I wait....
I was rather tuckered out from my adjustment, once in the truck i crashed out hard.
Devin stopped to check the mail on our way home.  Once out of the truck, Devin looked back at me to see if I was ok in there.  I stood up, looked at Devin and "yakked" all over the driver seat.  Ooops, my bad.  good thing Devin has "pleather" seats.  It would have been a rather gross ride home otherwise. hehe

My bed and couch privileges have been restored today.  I'm more comfy out on the couch than on the big bed. I went and laid on the big bed for a few moments (a couple of times), but didn't stay long. I popped down to my bed and then off to my nest.

Devin played a video today of someone going to gra to pick up their pup for adoption.  I was all ears listening to the excited dogs at Bill's.  It was the first time i reacted to something on the tv. 
Devin, can we get me a brother or sister???? pwweeeassseeeee?? 
crashed in my nest last night
contemplating why I ended up on my bed instead of being allowed to be on the big person bed.
crashed at the back of my nest last night - i slept like this when i first came home. tucked at the back :)
Privileges restored.... I missed you pillow!
z z z z
z z z z z
tuckered out from my chiro appointment
Happy boy :)
Serious boy


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