Monday, May 21, 2012

This Is How We Roll Today....

Devin woke up in the middle of the night to find that i managed to kick my bed a few feet from the dresser.
I was laying half on and half off my bed.  Sometimes I sleep like an octopus.

I was up extra early this morning for breakfast, Devin told me it wasn't time and to go back to bed.  I wandered back to my bed for a little bit, then got up and gave the look of "are you ever going to feed me again".  It worked, Devin got up and fed me.  We went back to bed and out like a light is what you could best describe me as. *z z z z z z*

I got Devin up a few hours later -I swear Devin has spidey senses or something; can sense when i've moved about off my bed.  I was laying again half in and half out of the room staring at the door to go outside.

We got up and went for a walk. It sure was hot this morning!  Thank goodness for the a/c!
Back in from our walk i made myself comfy on the couch.  I think I've decided that I will be spending the day there.  It's so comfy!  I can't believe I waited a whole year until making that discovery!

So sleepy day it is.  Here are a few photos :)

Last night - Tuckered out from my play date yesterday
Today - Back in from my walk - crashed out on the couch. I like to hide my head while I sleep.
*shift*  zz z  z

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