Thursday, May 17, 2012

Arts and Crafts - While I Was Alone Today...

Look what I can do...

While left alone at home today I decided to take on an arts and crafts project of my own.  I couldn't find the scissors; my teeth were going to have to work some magic on this one!

First - I had to find a toilet paper roll (i think that was the material i used)
Second - I had to delicately eat half the the "roll"
Lastly - I had to let it dry.  This step was the hard part, It took everything in me *Burp* to not *burp* eat the rest of the material.
I LOVE working with toilet paper rolls.  They are absolutely amazing, the texture...the taste..  I am just obsessed.  They are hard to find in this place though; Devin tends to hide them on me. *hmpft*

Sad eyes while Devin got ready to head out of town for the day
nope, i'm not even look at you. I'm upset
Nana came over a few times to take care of me today.  I can be real sneaky at times. One minute i'm up on Devin's bed, the next minute I am standing right next to her in the living room/kitchen. 

 My Auntie Shelley and I have a lot in common, to name a few:
1) our ginger hair
2) once Auntie Shelley made a mother's day card for Nana. There we reasons why Auntie Shelley loved Nana.  One  of them was "because you feed me". 

I Love my Nana.  I am a sucker for anyone who is willing to give me a snack or two...
You just have to mention the word "breakfast" or "supper" and I lick my chops! 

Now that I am retired, I excel at two things, sleeping and eating.  I can not get enough of those two things.

Speaking of which...
It's almost bedtime!


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