Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Sleepytime" X-Ray morning

Photos from last night - Poking my head out
1.5 eyes
ello :)

 This morning:

I woke up around 5am looking for breakfast. My stomach has a mind of its own. I'm always too happy to comply with its demands.

Devin played possum with me, i know Devin played possum with me.  I got up a few times paced, stretched, sat, laid down, stretched, paced and then stared some more.

Devin finally told me to come up on the bed.   This is about the only time i'll get up on the bed when asked.  When i'm hungry and will be somewhat cuddly to get what i want.  FOOOD!!

Only this morning I didn't get that.  I was given a few scritches.  We laid there for a little bit then Devin took me outside. 
Jedi Mind Tricks - Feed Me Human!
K, that didn't work.  Follow Me Human??
er hello..
*up up* Food now please??
Why oh why.....
Pu pu pu puwwweeasseee
Back to the floor
Look into my eyes... (i'm hunnngrrry) *read my thoughts and get up already*
 On my morning walk I managed to steal a small piece of grass when Devin blinked.  I was verrrry snnneeaaakkkyyy.  I pretended I was sniffing; you know, reading the morning newspaper, seeing who was around.  Then... I went in for it! I snapped up a small piece of grass and casually walked away from the morning news.  What gave it away was me coughing on the blade of grass.  BUSTED!

We continued on our walk, I did what I had to do, we turned around for home.  Someone left a piece of what looked like dry cat food on the ground, I ALMOST got that.  That Devin can be quick!

Inside we went...
Devin grabbed a shower, while I laid around wondering when I was going to be fed and watered next.
I have a feeling something not so fun is going on this morning.

To Be Continued

You forgot something Devin....
Defeated - Le sigh   ~waiting to head off for my "sleepytime" X-rays

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