Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Post X-Ray Update

First stop - Pick up Nana.
I was left in the car with the a/c while Devin went to let Nana know that we were outside waiting for her.
So hungry and tired, I just wanted to get the show on the road.

Waiting for Nana to come
So tired, hungry and thirsty

 Once we made it to Dr. Janet's office Devin helped me out of the truck.  I wandered over to the grass, my tail instantly began to sink between my legs. It didn't have the same happy curl I normally put to it.

Checking things out
Yeah, I don't want to go in...

 When Devin opened the door to the clinic i instantly took a step back, Devin had to help nudge me into the office.
I tried to seek shelter near Nana.  Tail between my legs, i wasn't liking what was awaiting me.

 I tried to make my way into the corner; between the two chairs.  There was an open space there, a space where I was convinced that no one could touch me if i could just make it into there.
stress yawn ~ how can i get into that tiny space??
more stress yawns ~ help me Nana....
Let me out....
In the exam room, waiting for my pre sedation needle *ugh*
 It wasn't long after Dr. Janet gave me my needle that I was taken away.....   Devin and Nana had to leave me there until the X-rays were completed, and the radiologist had a look at the films (in event Dr. J. couldn't find anything).

Devin and Nana went for breakfast and took a walk down by the water to kill some time. They took a few photos
Bull Frog !
Dragonfly wanted to go back home with Nana and Devin. Devin was finally able to get it out of the car and release it back to nature.

There was a terrible storm brewing while I awaited the arrival of My Devin.  The power went out on us at the clinic.  Lots of wind, rain, thunder and lightening.
Driving into the storm
Storm above
Middle of the storm

It was so dark back there, I saw a flashlight coming towards my stall. I heard a strange yet familiar voice (lady who works with Dr. J), she opened the door to my stall.  I got up and went to the back of the stall;   Until.....

I knew nothing could keep My Devin from me!! Devin called out my name and told me it was okay.  It took a quick moment until I was convinced that it wasn't a dream.    Devin looped my collar around me and off we went to the front of the office.

 With the power being out Dr. J had to conduct her last exam in the big waiting area.
On my way out i made it a point to sniff Dr J. and get a few scritches from her.  No hard feelings from earlier today, after a quick parting scritch i was off! I was hell bent on getting out that door though!

ready to head home
photo is a little blurry - much like how i felt at the time.
same as above
oh yeah, alright... we're moving!
omg what's that???
sassy look - or stoned still. You decide

evil eyes - going
Fighting the sleepies
Greyt, can you now please fill the bowl???
Thank you!
Nom nom nom
Full belly
Fallen for the count.

 FINDINGS: ~Devin~

Two X-rays were taken of his legs for comparison purposes.
1) Dr. J didn't see anything abnormal with the film.  It was then sent to a radiologist for reading, he didn't see any issues either. Both concluded Milo's bones looked very nice.

2) Prior to being put under Dr. J worked Milo's pads/foot. She did not get a response from him. Due to this she does not believe that he has corns.

3) When being issued the needle to be put to under , Dr J and her helper held Milo down.
Unsure of what caused the following reaction:

When the needle went in, Milo let out a blood curdling cry and screamed bloody murder.
The two of them were unable to hold my feisty boy down; from my understanding off we went.

If it was from the way they held him, it caused pain on the "unknown" source/area.

4) He's been given an RX of Prednisone for the next 29-30 days.
At this point, the more i read there are more cons than pros to using this method of treatment for diagnostic findings.   I've been in contact with Karen from campgreyhound she has given me greyt advice and alternative things to try on the boy.

I'm going to contact the vet office tomorrow morning and let them know that i am not comfortable with this diagnostic method. 

Back to Milo ~

As you can see I has quite the day.  I'm beat tired and want only to crash for the remainder of the night.
Here's to a better tomorrow!


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