Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fun In The Sun.... Then I Had Dr. Appointment :(

I lasted I think until 6am this morning before giving Devin the subconscious "look".   I'm getting pretty good with my Jedi Mind Talk/Tricks.

I did my usual after breakfast, crawled back onto my bed and crashed for a few hours before Mind Tricking Devin into going for our morning walk.  It sure was warm this morning!

When we arrived home, Devin tossed in a load of laundry.  We then took it over to Nana's to dry out on the line.  I laid down on the patio for a few minutes; I then had the humans relocate my blanket to the grass- MUCH MORE COMFY!   Nana held on to my leash while Devin tossed the clothing up on the line.

After the laundry went up on the line we packed into the car and went to town.  Devin and Melissa were going to tackle the pool and yard work today while I got to hang out with the Laaaaadies.

with my pool in tow we went to visit the laaaadies - I decided I'd catch a few z's before our arrival.
Sharing my blanket with Elly

Elly giving me "some" space
Blanket move

heavenly glow shinning down on me
le  hot   le pant
my new hang out spot
Ello Devin!
Hmm, what's over there??
Le sigh...
z z z  z

Dr Janet Update:

I sniffed around outside the clinic for a bit before going out.  Once inside my tail immediately went between my legs.  I know remember the place as:
1) needles
2) the place that makes me feel funny after waking up from a "nap"

It didn't take long for Dr. Janet to call us into the room.   She had me walk up and down the long hallway, i showed her my limping.  She checked my lumbar and joint movement, she even pressed on my toes and wiggled each toe individually. I didn't make a peep.  I'm kinda funny like that.

When Dr. Janet looked at me head on, she noticed that my right side (sore side) was rather inflamed.  She gave me a needle in my thigh to help with the inflammation and sent me home with 5 pills that I am to take 1 daily in the evening for 5 days.

She wants to book me in for an Xray ASAP, she didn't like the look or feel of things and wants to know what's going on inside there. 

Needless to say Devin is a bit distraught over this.  One immediately jumps to the worst case scenario with us greyhounds.  We are prone to Osteosarcoma.  

Devin is working days tomorrow and will check the schedule out in the morning; will give a call to Dr. Janet and figure out the best time to get me in.  :(

Back home from my exhausting day- snuggling with the blankets and pillows

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