Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Few Photos From The Nana Files

From the Nana files.....

Nana came by around 8pm last night and washed out my KONGS and put cranberries in my dish.
Before Nana had time to get my get my liver treats down from top the fridge I was out and laying on the carpet looking at her. We went out for a quick "out", Nana wasted time taking a few photos of me while I waited for my KONG.

I had a touchy moment with Nana last night; when she was getting my poopie bags out from the hall closet I was sniffing up a storm on Nana's upper leg. I think it was the downy smell that got me! It sure smells like Devin's clothing.

Photos from the Nana files:
If i don't make eye contact, will Nana go get my KONG already??
This is taking forever!
Le sigh

This morning when Devin got in from work we went on a mini walk. I did what I had to do and we came back for one of my favorite meals of the day.  BREAKFAST!!!!

After breakfast I had a full belly, I decided to curl up on the couch with my squirrel that Lucy bought for me when I came home.
Cuddling up with my blanket. 
Staring off - Working on a few Z's
Z z zz  achieved!
Looking a bit wrecked here, darn flash!
Thank you for taking the flash off!
 And then it happened...

My SECOND favorite meal of the day.  SUPPER!!!
Devin gave me a yummy treat with my kibble tonight.  Sardines!

I think now that the sun has gone down we are going to head out for an evening stroll.


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