Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Morning Massage - An Attempt In Reflexology

I went for my massage/reflexology appointment today.

Sylvia started out with doing some reflexology on me. When she got to my right foot (sore side), second toe in, I went through the roof.  Sylvia didn't even really get a chance to wiggle it as she did the other toes to check my range of motion.  One minute i was laying quietly on my massage bed, the next minute i let out a blood curdling yelp/scream and bolted off.  It all happened so fast.

It took me a little bit before I let Sylvia gain back my trust -- okay who am i kidding, a few "treats" and I was like putty in her hands again.  I did flash her a few doe eyed looks when she went down my leg.  She did stop before touching my paw.  I decided that that was going to be a no touch zone.

Luckily, I am booked in to see Dr. Janet on the 24th.   It was a good thing Sylvia did what she did, now we know the area that the pain is coming from.  We will be able to relay this to Dr. Janet.

Thank you Sylvia for the wonderful swiss massage today. 
Living the high life - Sylvia working my tired muscles

Next side now - thank you

Oh yeah, this is wonderful!
After my massage we went over to Nana's for a little bit.

What if I just laid here......
Watching Papa George up on the roof...He was helping to remove the chimney
Laundry day again - z z z z
Enjoying nature - z z z
wake me up when you're ready to head home...
Devin and I - Me with a tooth hanging out
Nana held on to me while Devin put the blankets on the line.
After the clothing went on the line, i came home for a bit and had some alone time while Devin went into town.  After Devin's return, we hung out a bit, went back to Nana's to get the clothing off the line. Some more laying about was accomplished.

Later on after I had my supper we went over to Melissa and Sherry's place to hang out.  The twins got in my face a few times, they used me as a springboard AND just overall was in my face.   I barked and grumbled, baring teeth but never making a bite or snap on the twins. Okay that's a lie.  JUST ONCE towards the end of their tomfoolery with me I rested my mouth on them gently to let them know I had had enough.  They eventually took that social cue.   I understand that they are just puppies being puppies. 
Hanging out with Elly - She and I get along greyt together.  I even let her share my blanket earlier.
Elly and Me looking all cute and stuff.  

So that was my day, it was pretty eventful as you can see.  Now that I'm home I'm sprawled out in my "nest", ready to sleep the night away.

Too tired to lift my head - munching on an ice cube


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