Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chiropractic Appointment - results with at home instructions

Nana had to come take me out today, I refused to do anything for Devin on our early morning walk.
Once back home I had my breakfast then crawled up on the couch as Devin attempted to get ready.
I gave Devin sad eyes while I rested my head on Devin's uniform.

I believe and SOS call was put out to Nana as she showed up a few times to let me out, and then feed me my supper.  I had an appointment with Dr. Nat (Chiropractor) so we were on limited time when Devin came in from work.

Poor Nana got soaked when she took me out for a walk.  All this rain reminds me of when I first came home to live with Devin.  It rained and rained and rained some more. 

On my last walk of the day with Nana I met a few people, I'm always meeting people when I'm out with Nana.  That Nana of mine is a GREYT greyhound advocate :)

Appointment Info:
Dr. Nat did this really neat test thingy on me. It's much like the test that they do on mothers while they hold their babies.  Dr. Nat explained that you can't tell a baby to hold its arm out, so they have the mother hold the baby, while holding their arm, the Dr will push against it and when the arm is unable to push up, it is "weak", they are able to find out where the baby is ailing. 
That being said, she had Devin hold out an arm, pressed down to feel the resistance and then checked an area on me, Dr. Nat continued this until Devin's arm was weak at specific times; this told Dr. Nat where I was ailing.  Apparently the problems are originating in my neck.  Devin can't remember the exact point, but It's definitely coming from my heck.  We were sent home with an exercise to do each day.  
On one side Devin needs to find a certain spot (too hard to explain correctly), but it's near my shoulder blade; actually just off of it on the left side.  Devin's thumbs need to press in and move towards one and other at a quick pace, this will move the muscle.  That's to be done for about 7seconds, then moving to the other side, with the same amount of pressure the thumbs pull away from each other in a slow motion.

I need this to be done once a day over the next week.  I go back and see Nat next Tuesday at 1445hrs, to see how things are progressing.

Devin was also shown another technique, where if I bump myself it's something like a "reset" thing.
you rub the affected area, then "reset" with a certain movement.  Oh there's so much to rattle on about from this visit, my paws are getting tired!

One more note* My pelvis was out of whack too, that's what caused my rear left foot to turn in when I was walking.

Devin is going to email Slyvia for another massage date for me.  They just need to figure out times when it's best for the two of them, ya know me, i'm always available!

I think that's about it for this evening.  Time for bed!

really, you're going to leave me?

what if i ignore you?
will the sad eyes get ya??

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